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New Client Questionnaire

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General Questions

This should list your mission or purpose for your business or organization. What problems do you solve? How exactly are you helping your customer? Why you instead of someone else?
Please list all services you offer and any that are unique in your industry.
Who is your ideal customer, client or patient?
What sets your business or practice apart from other businesses in the same industry?
Please list all functionality that is needed (ie. Ecommerce, Membership, ADA Compliance, Forms, Translation, Third Party Integrations, etc.)
Please list 3 (or more) websites that you love and why you like them. (Layout, color, font style, functionality, etc.)
Please list 2-3 competitors or allys in your area of service.

Branding Questions

Here we talk about color theory, adjectives, font styles (more design-related elements). This can be a departure from your current colors if change is desired.
Navy blue & gold because...
Web or pantone color codes would be helpful here.

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